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Gayle Gross - One of Featured Artists in October

Gayle Gross paints in 3rd Relief. Her art is lifted from the canvas because of items she's added during the painting process. She has been an artist in Gallery 113 since 2013. Gross also owns Reserve Our Gallery and Westside Gallery Art Studio Space in Woodland Park. These venues feature local artists' work and also offer opportunities for teaching of art in the mountain community. Her vision is to develop the Upper Westside Arts District at 8465'.

Walk for Art is an event Gayle began in 2020 in Woodland Park. It started as a way to get people to visit with artists set up inside of businesses during the pandemic. Now, it happens during the months of February, May, June, July and August at three local galleries in Woodland Park. People participating in the walk have the opportunity to fill a passport with signatures of artists. A full passport can then be entered into a drawing for a $200 art voucher. The art voucher can be spent with any of the participating Walk for Art artists.

Gayle also hosts public events at Reserve Our Gallery. Activities coming up are:

  • Rehoming Art Event is September 26 - October 3. People who want to rehome art bring it to the gallery where it is displayed and offered for sale.

  • Crafters Weekends are October 7 & 8, 14 & 15, 21 & 22. Crafters are invited to display their craft for sale in the gallery.

  • Holiday Gift Tables are November 5 - December 24. Any local artist is welcome to add their art to the gift tables for sale in the gallery.

Artists are welcome to get involved in the activities Gayle hosts. Her contact info is and 719-401-2301

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