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Suzy McDowell

Colorado Springs Local Artist

When I was a small baby, my artist father, moved the family to a very small Colorado Springs in the 60s. I was encouraged to create art from a very young age and it was always my favorite subject in school.

After completing one year of fine art studies at the university level, I continued to attend various classes and workshops under other local artists.  I'm ready now to make art my primary focus and passion in life.

Many people come to Colorado and are moved by the natural beauty we enjoy so much.  Having been raised here, I feel the color and dramatic beauty of my surroundings have truly become part of who I am.

As an artist, I do not try to replicate nature.  Instead I strive to express the mood and essence of my subject using color, value, and a sense of fluidity.

I have worked with watercolor for many years and just recently have begun using other media that share a fluid nature such as inks and liquid acrylics.  While I often paint for my personal enjoyment and satisfaction, I hope that sharing my art with others brings a bit of joy to their lives.

Stormy Seas
Golden Shore
Shimering Peak
Alpine Trees
Aspen Shimmer
Moonlight Reflections
Pikes Peak in Summer
Violet Reflections
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