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Suzy Gardner
Dream Follower Art Jewelry

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The great, great, great granddaughter of Colorado pioneers, I grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado in a farming, ranching, and mining community. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for 23 years. My mother is an artist, my father a carpenter. So, hammering metal in an artistic manner seems a natural choice. I studied metal smithing, ceramics, sculpture and drawing in college.

Coming from a family of story tellers, I grew up at time when parents kicked their kids out of the house after breakfast and told them not to come back until it was dark. In this way, I learned the stories of nature. Rocks and mountains and trees are still my biggest influences. I enjoy learning and sharing the stories the stones tell. Nature makes each stone unique through thousands and sometimes millions of years of pressure and mineral changes. I geek out on the science and love to find that unique story in each stone and sharing it through art.


Whimsical, hand forged silver, semi-precious stone artisan made jewelry. Flames and molten metal – what’s not to love. I love to incorporate found objects (someone else trash ;) and I have a commitment to fair trade stones and recycled metals. I use suppliers who support these beliefs.

Jewelry is like clothing, it should be comfortable. I would like every piece of my jewelry to become an heirloom. Not because it is too precious to wear and has been hidden in a safe for years, but because it was so loved and worn so often that it becomes a part and parcel of your memory of a special person. I have fun creating my jewelry, I hope you have fun wearing it.

The Artist (1)
Golden Hills Straw Casting Ring and Fusion Bracelet
Saucy Martha
Pulling Myself Together
Rainbow Moon over Gardner of the Gods
Beauty from Chaos moonstone with labradorite
Beauty from Chaos Wire with Green Kyanite Necklace (1)
Beauty from Chaos Wire with Green Kyanite Cuff
Ring - Fusion 3 Turquoise sterling silver - SHG
necklace - Fusion Rough Moonstone with spheres sterling silver - SHG
Necklace -Blackbird Singing Sterling Silver - SHG
Ring - Rough Moonstone Sterling Ring - SHG
Square of Sky in Barb Wire
Moon Over Ghost Ranch
Lunar Eclipse Polarr
SHG Fusion Ring
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