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Artful Impressions - Karen Standridge and Mary Sexton

How can light define a moment in time? Impressionism: that’s the artful challenge painters in the late 1800s tried to embrace in their artwork. The early Impressionists portrayed just that, an impression rather than “photographic” realism. Art in all forms today shows the influence that challenge has made in painting, sculpture, film, and even music and poetry.

Gallery 113’s featured Colorado Springs artists for August, Mary Sexton and Karen Standridge, are both painters whose work is presented as artful “impression” rather photographic. Sexton paints in pastels, the very medium so favored by Impressionists for its subtle color harmonies and the light that shines through the chalk (think Degas’ ballerinas). Standridge’s acrylic and oil impressions of the Colorado landscape might have been inspired by Monet’s series of sunrises with limited brush strokes and an emphasis on strong light. Come see their work on display and in the windows at Gallery 113, 125 ½ N. Tejon, downtown.

Join the artists on Friday, August 4, 5pm - 8pm

for the Art Walk!

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I'm looking forward to First Friday! It's going to be a great show this month!

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