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Head Shot

Kim York
Landscape and Portraits

Fall leaves rustling in the breeze. Cold winds heralding the onset of winter. Warm sunshine sparkling on a fast-moving river. I strive to evoke these images and draw the viewer into the scene. Nothing satisfies more than someone telling me, “I know that place!.” This means I’ve achieved my goal of bringing a sense of familiarity and belonging to my painting.


Hi, I’m Kim York: oil and watercolor artist. My love of landscape and local scenes that tell a compelling story thrill me to no end. For as long as I can remember, I have sketched and painted, repeating my mantra that “Someday I’m going to be an artist.”


Moving constantly throughout my childhood compelled me to find a friend I would never lose: art!


Over the years, my creative side found many outlets: illustration, graphic design, commercial embroidery, and designing western boots. Retiring and moving to Colorado Springs in 2019 finally gave me the opportunity to pick up my paints full time and explore this beautiful place. Although I’ve traveled to many other countries, my heart is drawn to the landscapes here at home

Palmer Park-20x24
Silent Night
Hide and Seek
last of the light
Crystal Mill-20x24
Early Snow - 11 Mile Canyon
Landscape in Gold
First Snow
Twin Lakes Colorado
11 Mile Canyon
Palmer Park
Heading into Phantom Canyon
South Platte River Plein Air
Falls End
Snow Blowing in Silverthorne
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