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Kathy Parks-Jackson

Kathy is originally from Indiana and expressed her artistic creativity at an early age. She had a piece of her artwork accepted into a state-wide art exhibition in 1st grade. She began oil painting at the age of 10. Her passion, natural talent, and early training allowed her to be accepted into John Herron Art School where she received traditional training in drawing and design. She received her B.A in Fine Arts from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma where she worked as a graphic artist.
She has spent considerable time abroad living in the Netherlands and in Germany where she was able to tour art museums, study the paintings of the old masters and visit Monet's garden at Giverny. Traveling fuels her art passion and provides continued inspiration for many paintings.

Kathy continues to strive to push her art in new directions and try new things. She has recently been painting en plein air. 

"It gives you a different focus being outdoors. The light is constantly changing and you are not so object centered." 

Kathy continually strives to learn and 
grow as an artist. 

Kathy is the past president of Edmond Art Association and currently serves as an officer with the Colorado Springs Art Guild. Kathy currently resides in Monument, Colorado with her family and maintains a home studio

Barn in the Fall
On the Rocks
Mountain Majesty
The Emerald Isle
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