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Jane Hammoud

After retiring from a thirty-year career in business and nonprofit management, Jane turned her attention to a very early love of hers, working with clay.  She even has the very first fired pot she made as a child with the number 1 on the bottom.   She began by taking classes locally at Bemis and the USAFA Craft studio and supplemented them with workshops from various experts in the field.  She established her own studio in her home and throws and hand-builds her pieces using both white stoneware and porcelain.  She enjoys feeling the clay in her hands and molding it to a form people will touch, use and enjoy both visually and functionally.  The Mark on her pottery is the Arabic J in acknowledgement of her first initially and Moroccan last name.   She is currently the back-up instructor at the Air Force Academy Craft studio and teaches their winter sessions.

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