Gayle Gross
Third Relief Artist

Gayle Gross works with Acrylic and has the unique style of building on top of the canvas using found and organic materials.  This style is called third relief.  There’s depth through color and texture. The hues are deepened through the natural depth of 3rd relief.  Her subject matter is often landscapes, buildings and animals of Colorado.  

She likes to say there's a spirit of the place in her acrylic paintings.   Gayle has her degree in Graphic Design. She has developed businesses, which help writers develop manuscripts and fundraisers build networks to raise money.  She is an avid dog-sitter and travels to different locations around the country to do this.

Red rocks
tulip dive
Beach Scene
Above the Clouds Series #5
Above the Clouds Series #6
Above the Clouds Series #4
Above the Sea
Serenity Rocks
Above the Clouds Series #3