Raquel Baiza

Sparkly Pastels
Scenic View
Grace at Ease
Colorado Vista
Giraffe 2 - Small
Dusk - PRINT

An Art appreciation class in college awakened my passion for painting and has been a part of my life since. My introduction with painting began in oil but motherhood led me to try other mediums. Watercolor became that challenging medium that I have come to respect and enjoy for over twenty years but now I am stretching my horizons into new mediums. I studied at the Wilson School of Art for several years where I honed my ability to sketch and paint. I have also studied with many notable artists. My desire to continue to learn new techniques makes me a constant student at workshops.


With a hope to translate the beauty of the world to paper, canvas, or a solid surface I pursue new and creative ways to express color, texture, and interest. It is in art that we get to translate what we see into what we would like to see. My travels and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains continue to inspire my passion to paint. My hope is that all will see the beauty of the world around us through my work.