Norah Daily


Bigfoot and his Trail90
Moonlit Mermaid
Norah Daily
Little Orange Dream
Gypsy Retreat
Ski Bug
Dancing Hummingbird
OB Cottages
Too Cool Mermaid
Bigfoot, small van
Bigfoot in Moab

Norah Daily, local Colorado Springs watercolor artist.


While I cannot boast a Fine Art degree or long career in the Art industry; I enjoy sharing a tale through my paintings. I was raised on an art farm in Southern California, sold a painting at the age of 3, and moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1995. My favorite art activity over the years has been an elementary school art program called Art-in-the-Suitcase, providing fun and educational art projects in the classrooms.


I specialize in fun art, with a variety of subjects, many evolving from friend and family requests. I enjoy doing commission pieces, ranging from car renderings to custom mermaids portraits.


A favorite subject of cars and motorcycles lend a fun balance of linear detail and washed reflective colors. Adding the whimsy of Bigfoot to some of the vans, was a suggestion of my son, who said of one unfinished piece, “that’s great, but kind of boring; hey, Bigfoot would make it better!” As a result, Bigfoot has been one of my 2018 best sellers. The series of Bigfoot having car problems, adds a bit of a story to the mix; in this series, Bigfoot can be found flustered over a number of engine issues, flat tires and traffic incidences that most of us can relate too!


Also, in my collection, a series of Colorado lake mermaids, not to be confused with ocean mermaids. The lake mermaids are a cooler, sassier bunch, not afraid to sit on the shore, basking in the sun and playing guitar.


Collections of vintage motorcycles and automobiles can also be found, along with some critters and hummingbirds.





 Member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society

 Artist featured at Gallery 113, Colorado Springs, CO

 Honorary mermaid artist at Emerald C Gallery, Coronado, CA

 Prints and notecards available at Crafted Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO

 Additional Products and printed artwork available through FineArtAmerica, via

 Winner of the Coronado Music Festival poster and logo contest - 2019