Lee Murphy

Van Briggle tree
Clouds and Plains
Login Forest
Canyon Road - Santa Fe
Road to the San Juans
French Cottage
Cripple Creek Fire Department No 3
Red Barn
boy on a bridge
Garden of the Gods

 Lee is a native New Englander who now lives at the foot of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains.  He is a member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and the Colorado Springs Artists Guild.  Lee joined his colleagues at Gallery 113 in March of 2018.  He enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects depicting life in everyday settings while encompassing mechanical realism, whenever possible.  

Lee is a retired USAF officer and has painted about half of his adult life.  He continues to study with nationally know artists.  Taking every opportunity to receive instruction in the local community, he has developed a comfort for undertaking complex subjects and attempting to replicate images with attention to detail, texture, hues, edges, perspective and a multitude of items which are required to achieve a high degree of realism.  His favorite subjects are often mechanical in nature, where tight control over angles, distances and depth perception must be accurate.   He works in both watercolors and oils from his home studio or on location in plein air.

As Lee continues down this path, he fully understandsthere is never an ending point to self improvement.  Hopefully, you will take the opportunity to view his work and enjoy it as much as he enjoys creating it.