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Don Orr

 As a self-taught metal sculptor I began doing my craft in 1970 and continued with varying degrees of intensity and at different locations through-out the country for over twenty years. It wasn’t until 1996 when I began displaying my work in the Colorado Springs locale that I began to seriously ply my craft and began displaying in local galleries and shows.

 My methods of design construction and fabrication are largely self-taught and have been perfected over time through trial and error. The primary media used in my sculptures is mild steel which may be textured, highly polished, accented with brass, copper or covered in a warm patina. Unlike cast sculptures where the details are created in clay and then captured in a mold and then cast, my works are created by welding metal together and creating details by moving a puddle of molten metal to achieve the desired effect. I have also added stained glass and granite into my designs. Thus the end product is a unique one of a kind sculpture which I sign with a round brass dot with a “D” stamped into it.

I would describe my art as somewhere between impressionistic and representative dependent on the piece. I use the title of the piece to help the viewer better visualize and understand what I am trying to convey in the sculpture. My sculptures are designed as decorative wall pieces or pedestal art pieces and include outdoor sculptures; all designed to challenge, amuse, and captures the eye of viewer. I encourage people to touch the piece, to feel its texture or follow its smooth lines. I endeavor to explore and exploit all the possibilities my media offers so that I can please you the viewer and in my own small way make a contribution to the visual arts. I am available to do commission work.